Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Vol. 3 Review

Chisaki visits Yuragi-sou quickly becoming part of the extended family of the hot spring Inn while also being apprehensive of Oboro and her attempts to sire children with Kogarashi whether he likes it or not. While also seeing that Kogarashi really is a good guy at heart. With the rest of the volume focused on self-contained stories about the various residents of Yuragi-sou. Be it Chitose living out her junior high years a day in the life of Oboro as well as battles with various Yokai or spirits such as one infesting an all-girls school a powerful Yokai released accidentally that proves for some that Kogarashi is indeed a psychic. While replete with panty shots, nudity, "misunderstandings," and lucky pervert moments volume three continues the warm big-hearted ethos of the series. Be it Kogarashi being thrilled to take part in normal Summer school activities with friends after years of being the victim of the supernatural. To Chisaki learning that despite what her mother has said not all men are wolves in a well-executed scene where Kogarashi not only protects whatever remaining shreds of her dignity are left after many humiliations suffered at the hands of sleeping and overly clingy Yuuna. Also that Kogarashi actually has a spine and tells Oboro to stop forcing herself on him because he would only be intimate with a girl he truly loved is honestly refreshing I downright cheered. As more often than not and this is a genre convention in Shonen Romantic Comedy the protagonist will either get caught in a compromising situation and lamely deny it only to be punished severely ala Love Hina. Or he really will be a pervert and be punished for his perversion or shown to be perverted by somehow noble like in series such as So, I Can't Play H! or Urusei Yatsura. Miura-sensei's attention to detail on food is to be commended and the focus on each character in the stories instead padding or attempts to buy time before the next big arc. All come off as well thought out explorations of the characters be it Chitose getting to live out the simple joys of going to school and hanging out with friends. Or Oboro being brusque and blunt to the point of rudeness in most situations but also quick to complement Sagari or make amends for almost destroying the kitchen in her focus chapter. While it would be easy to dismiss the series as little more than softcore porn. It's the little moments of character development, friendship and even sly meta humor like the all girl's school chapter being a winking send-up of Maria-sama ga Miteru.


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