YuYu Hakusho (Manga) Volume 12 Review *Spoilers*

Now what has been building for the last eleven volumes it's Younger Toguro versus Yusuke while also tieing up the Elder Toguro versus Kuwabara fight in the early chapters. While also showing the differences between the Elder and Younger Toguro brothers with Younger Toguro despite becoming obsessed with strength and fighting an opponent worthy of his full strength. Younger Toguro still holds on to the last vestiges of warrior's pride and honor for worthy opponents even the departed and defeated Genkai. While Elder Toguro has just given into his foul desires for blood lust, lust, and naked and sadistic cruelty. Before the fight, Kuwabara lashes out at the rest fo team Urameshi for not telling him about Genkai's death interpreting it as the others seeing him as weak. Leading to Yusuke have to one of the few vulnerable moments in which he admits he didn't say anything because then he would have to admit Genkai was really dead. With this backdrop of sullied honor and mourning the fight commences and while the tropes of throttled power being released and the "I'm only fighting you at half of my full capacity" motivations for Younger Toguro. Togashi-sensei is still able to use the structure of a fight to explore character motivation have some of the best uses of visual storytelling in the Dark Tournament Arc. Sadly this cannot be said for most of the action set pieces as they feel rushed or overly sketchy some looking like only half-finished rough drafts or an overabundance of speed lines in place of real movement or backgrounds and while the character design is some articulated and detailed of the series, in particular, Younger Toguro absurd musculature. It feels like more time should have been spent on the basic mechanics of movement or fight choreography as much as character design not so much a bad thing as a "give with one hand take with the other" collection of artistic shortcuts.


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